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Reasons to Join KiwiSaver

Over two million Kiwis are taking advantage of the generous Government and employer incentives available through KiwiSaver to kickstart their retirement savings.

If you retire at 65 without a savings plan in place you could end up having to rely on the Government for 20 or more years. Did you know that the average married couple currently get around $616 a week from NZ Superannuation?* That's just over $32,000 a year for two people to live on. Will relying on this alone provide the retirement lifestyle you're looking forward to?

* As at 1 April 2018. Source: Work and Income.

By joining a KiwiSaver Scheme, you'll no longer be missing out on:

bulletpoint tick  If you are employed and aged 18 or over, compulsory employer contributions of 3% 50 cents from the Government for every $1 you contribute up to $521.43 each KiwiSaver year ($10 per week) if you are over 18
bulletpoint tick First home assistance programs (if eligible)

It pays to start now – see how much your KiwiSaver account might be worth at retirement.

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