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The mum and dad bank

13 October 2017

the mum and dad bank

Millennials versus Boomers: research points to a difference between the two when it comes to inheritance expectations. Money after death is not something that we talk about easily, perhaps we should?


Suckers for electric cars

6 October 2017

suckers for electric cars

A small appliance company manufacturing cars? Carmel Fisher takes a look at whether this is a good idea.


An ever improving world

29 September 2017

lights jpg

In a world increasingly focused on the here and now it can be easy to think life is getting tougher when in fact a quick history lesson reminds us all of the remarkable progress of global living conditions, especially over the last 200 years.


When risk is worth it

22 September 2017

when risk is worth it

Carmel Fisher questions whether some risks are worth taking or not.


Revisiting insurance

15 September 2017

revisiting insurance

Carmel Fisher revisits insurance — is it really worthwhile?


Emotional value

8 September 2017

emotional value

Have you ever wondered about the value of collectibles? Carmel Fisher discusses this ...


Man versus machine

1 September 2017

man versus machine

Developments in Artificial Intelligence have been making headlines. Read Carmel Fisher’s view on this subject.


My landlord, my hedge fund

25 August 2017

my landlord the hedge fund

Carmel Fisher talks about American’s dislike for financiers and landlords and in particular hedge funds and their growing influence in the property market. Read on ...


Calling all Martians

18 August 2017

calling all martians

Did you know Uncle Ben’s, Eukenuba, Pedigree, Whiskas, Masterfoods and Dolmio are all made by Mars? Carmel Fisher discusses why their ethos of secrecy is about to change.


Politics — should we care?

11 August 2017

politics should we care

Do you care about politics? Carmel Fisher discusses why you should, and need to engage, even just a little, as we’re all recipients of the economic pie. Read on ...


Powering profits

4 August 2017

powering profits

What is all the frenzy about lithium and should we be rushing to invest? Hear Carmel Fisher’s view ...


TSB Community Trust acquires Fisher Funds

3 August 2017

Fisher Funds Press Release

The TSB Community trust has today announced its commercial arm has reached an unconditional agreement to acquire the 51% shareholding of Fisher Funds it does not currently own.


Moral core secret of success

28 July 2017

moral core secret of success

Watching documentaries on two great men – McLaren and Buffett – what is striking is that neither money nor speed are their most important assets.


New way of looking at retirement

14 July 2017

new way of looking at retirement

The idea of steady as she goes retirement savings is not as achievable as the conventional view suggests. Carmel Fisher discusses a different way of thinking.


Hotels hitting back at Airbnb

7 July 2017

hotels hitting back at airbnb

Disruptive companies and technology doesn’t always mean the incumbent is out of the picture — take a look at hotels flourishing even in the face of Airbnb.


Happy Birthday KiwiSaver

30 June 2017

KiwiSaver 10th Birthday Investing Newsroom

KiwiSaver is ten years old this week — we think everyone should be celebrating!


Work life balance

23 June 2017

work life balance

Finding a balance on the work/life front means negotiating a middle ground: work hard — harder than your competitors — but don’t go crazy.


Over the hedge

16 June 2017

over the hedge

Hedge fund managers are an interesting breed — read about recent insights from US$3 trillion hedge fund industry.


Read our latest press release all about our Responsible Investing policy

9 June 2017

Fisher Funds Press Release

In what is believed to be a first for New Zealand fund managers, leading KiwiSaver provider Fisher Funds has announced it is banning investments in thermal coal producers across all portfolios following a review of its responsible investing policy.


When a guru loses his mojo

2 June 2017

when a guru loses his mojo

As much as I don’t like disagreeing with an investing guru, I guess it’s a timely reminder to understand the difference between general advice, personalised advice and plain old opinion.


A man’s castle

26 May 2017

a mans castle

Carmel looks at how other countries solve their housing crises — Australia sets up a corporation; Italy gives away historic castles and monasteries!


Snap, pop, crackle

19 May 2017

snap pop crackle

Snapchat — is it worth the hype? Investors may be left wondering if the product’s disappearing act was a premonition for the share price to go the same way.


Where there’s smoke

12 May 2017

where there is smoke

Dope, weed, pot — call it what you will — marijuana is becoming a big industry for medicinal and recreational use. Investors have got excited but who will make the money when the smoke clears?


The best way to feel rich

5 May 2017

best way to feel rich

Carmel Fisher shares The White Coat Investor’s thoughts on how to feel rich whatever your worth. Read more ...


How to beat busy-ness

28 April 2017

how to beat busy ness

How to achieve the right amount of busy-ness when leaving business. Carmel Fisher discusses how she’s planning on filling her days without a full-time executive job.


Recommerce, the next Ecommerce

21 April 2017

recommerce the next ecommerce

Recommerce, second-hand, recycled, vintage – no matter how you say it – many of us are interested in on-selling much-loved items and not just to claw back some money.


Toys for grown ups

18 April 2017

toys for grown ups

Remember the satisfaction of spending hours putting together a time-intensive toy or game? Then marvelling at what your two tiny hands could create? That same satisfaction can be gained as an adult.


Out of sight, out of mind

7 April 2017

out of sight out of mind

Working from home is no longer the euphemism it once was for taking it easy. Embracing the productivity and solitude it can offer suits many companies — but perhaps not all.


In the eye of the beholder

31 March 2017


Diversification is a great strategy when it comes to investing so you don’t have all your eggs in one basket but when it comes to an existing business looking into a new sector the risks can be high.


If I was a boy

24 March 2017

if I was a boy

Equality still floundering: the gender pay gap, under-representation in the boardroom and a poorer retirement than men are just a couple of examples where girls are still trailing boys.


Insiders offside

17 March 2017

insiders offside

When the management of companies you invest in, buy or sell from their own pocket, you can take advantage of this legal insider edge.


How old is old?

10 March 2017

how old is old

New Zealand’s debate about the retirement age pales when compared to Japan. How do you feel about being labelled “pre-old”, “old” or “super-old”?


For better or worse

3 March 2017

for better or worse

Surprising, yet exciting, financial decisions need to be made from time to time – they can be planned to an extent, but what is the impact on your retirement, savings or values?


Appointment of new CEO

1 March 2017

appointment of new ceo

Outgoing Managing Director, Carmel Fisher, announces Bruce McLachlan, former CEO of The Co-Operative Bank, as her successor at Fisher Funds.


Keep the change

24 February 2017

keep the change

When it comes to doing away with cash, the pros and cons are both emotional and practical — will your kids even know what money once looked like?


Who will buy?

17 February 2017

who will buy

Surprisingly, online clothes shopping has captured a collective need we didn’t even know we were missing — shaking up retail in Australia and the loss of some big brands.


Look after the pennies

10 February 2017

look after the pennies

Looking at your spending habits can be a life altering fact finding mission. Without data you have no information; if you spend more than you earn you could be compromising your future.


Repotting — how to retire

3 February 2017

repotting how to retire

Fewer people actually want a retirement of all leisure and no work. Carmel shares one client’s retirement strategy of “repotting” — a sort of retirement but embarking on something new.


Good ideas are bad

27 January 2017

good ideas are bad

Carmel Fisher discusses why good ideas aren’t always a silver bullet. Testable hypotheses however can create huge opportunities. Read more ...


Quality sells itself

20 January 2017

quality sells itself

Carmel Fisher raves about New Zealand company Allbirds sneakers, ingenious merino wool design, great quality and selling like hot cakes. Find out more ...


Forever assets

13 January 2017

forever assets

Would you build a different investment portfolio if you were leaving it to your children or grandchildren? Read Carmel Fisher's opinion on forever assets ...


Trading tweets

16 December 2016

trading tweets

Carmel Fisher chats about how the random tweets of a president and the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google are making investing even harder. Read more ...


Technology to a point

9 December 2016

technology to a point

Humans still have the edge over technology, well in some professions at least says Carmel Fisher. Read more ...


A sustainable advantage

2 December 2016

a sustainable advantage

Avoid being commoditised says Carmel Fisher as she talks about Toasters, Coffee and Water and their competitive advantage. Read on ...


Cheaper not always better

25 November 2016

cheaper not always better

Low fees are far from best when considering your KiwiSaver provider, really? Carmel Fisher shares recent research to demonstrate this.


KiwiSaver relief for quake-affected members

23 November 2016

kiwisaver relief for quake affected members

The Government has announced it would make it easier for any KiwiSaver members suffering financial hardship following the November 14 earthquakes, to withdraw their funds.


Act your age

18 November 2016

act your age

Immense yourself in youthful and energetic surrounds and you might just look and feel younger says Carmel Fisher. Read on ...


NZ Post mail service disruptions

18 November 2016

nz post mail service disruptions

21 November Update: This issue has now been resolved


A collection of short runs

4 November 2016

a collection of short runs

Capturing long term growth means managing the short term effectively, avoiding distractions and temptations says Carmel Fisher — read more ...


Fisher Funds wins FundSource Fund Manager of the Year

2 November 2016

fundsource manager of the year

Fisher Funds wins 2016 FundSource Fund Manager of the Year and also takes out the Australia Equity and International Fixed Interest sector awards. Read more ...


The do nothing revolution

28 October 2016

the do nothing revolution

Carmel Fisher chats about the current trend towards passive investing and shares her dislike for this indifferent approach.


Coal is King — for now ...

21 October 2016

coal is king

Although the stunning price rally for coal is up over 150 per cent this year Carmel Fisher is getting her investing thrills elsewhere. Find out why ...


Facts spoil a good story

14 October 2016

facts spoil a good story

Recent media articles suggest skullduggery exists in the KiwiSaver industry, but hey never let the facts spoil a good story says Carmel Fisher ...


Retire in Legoland

7 October 2016

retire in legoland

Retirement village designs are changing. Carmel Fisher talks about how Forrec, the creator of Legoland is approaching the design of a town for the retired community. Read on ...


What a time to be alive

30 September 2016

what a time to be alive

It's easy to believe the pessimists and life can certainly be challenging but Carmel Fisher sights 12 reasons that it's a great time to be alive. Read on ...


KiwiSaver — Ignorance is no defence

23 September 2016

kiwisaver ignorance is no defence

Carmel Fisher takes issue with an NZ Herald editorial entitled KiwiSavers need transparency to make choices. Read on ...


Personal finance is personal

16 September 2016

personal finance is personal

4 men with 4 very different incomes open up about the lives they can afford, Carmel Fisher discusses this and actions which can help our financial journey.


Uber aspirations

9 September 2016

uber aspirations

With a valuation of US$70b Uber's aspirations are indeed high particularly if you can't understand what makes it special in the first place says Carmel Fisher. Read more ...


Financial fraud — why they do it!

2 September 2016

financial fraud why they do it

Why do business executives, people who already have status and wealth commit financial crimes? Carmel Fisher shares some insights ...


Passive investing by proxy

26 August 2016

passive investing by proxy

Want to avoid investing in sin stock sectors like armaments, tobacco and alcohol? Carmel Fisher explains why a passive investment strategy might not be the way to go.


Immunising portfolios

19 August 2016

immunising portfolios

Should we protect our investment portfolios from the risk of Zika? Carmel Fisher shares some interesting opinions on public health emergencies and their economic effect.


The scrambled start-up

12 August 2016

the scrambled start up

Carmel Fisher chats about Josh Tetrict of start-up company Hampton Creek, his ambitious vision to turn the food industry on its head and some of the hick ups he’s had on the way ...


How politicians twist statistics

5 August 2016

how politicians twist statistics

Lies, damned lies and statistics. Statistics do not lie but the people using them often do. Read on for Carmel Fishers take on some political examples.


Teaching our way to success

29 July 2016

teaching our way to success

Carmel Fisher chats about the difference between New Zealand and Singapore’s maths education system and whether our system is good enough. Read on ...


Power returns to the people, and they like it

22 July 2016

power of the people

Carmel Fisher chats about Brexit, the Australian elections, why and how pollsters and pundits might have got the results so wrong.


Practice makes perfect

15 July 2016

practice makes perfect

Carmel Fisher shares some research which demonstrates virtually anyone can become world-class at anything if they are willing and able to devote themselves to deliberate practice.


Indolent investing

8 July 2016

indolent investing

What investment strategy? Picking the right companies to invest in and letting them do the hard work or trying to stay one step ahead of the market? Read more ...


100 year life

1 July 2016

100 year life

People are living longer, is it a curse or a blessing? Read more from Carmel Fisher on the 100 year life.


Fisher Funds wins KiwiSaver award

28 June 2016

new zealanders choose best kiwisaver provider

Fisher Funds was today announced winner of the 2016 Consumer New Zealand's People's Choice award for KiwiSaver Provider.


Powerful journaling

24 June 2016

powerful journaling

Fisher Funds Managing Director Carmel Fisher talks about how putting pen to paper has helped her make many investment decisions and avoid the knee jerk reactions so many of us make.


Give a woman a chicken

17 June 2016

give a woman a chicken

Fisher Funds Managing Director Carmel Fisher talks about Bill Gates' initiative raising money to help sub-Saharan family by giving chickens. Read more ...


Personal Shoppers

10 June 2016

personal shoppers

Daigou takes personal shopping to a whole new level. Carmel Fisher talks more about this growing band of grey market buyers. Read more ...


Are we ready for a universal income?

3 June 2016

are we ready for a universal income

Imagine the vigorous debate we would have if our government followed the Swiss or Finnish governments' example of giving money away to the entire population. Read more ...


Who'd be a saver?

27 May 2016

who would be a saver

Carmel Fisher explains that despite low interest rates, it still makes sense to encourage a nation of savers if we are to enjoy high standards of living. Read more ...


Fisher Funds wins INFINZ Fund Manager of the Year – Bonds

25 May 2016

infinz fund manager of the year bonds

Fisher Funds was named INFINZ Fund Manager of the Year – Bonds at last week’s INFINZ Awards. Carmel Fisher, Managing Director of Fisher Funds, was delighted with the victory, the second for the fixed interest team in three years. Read more ...


Manliness and misreporting

20 May 2016

manliness and misreporting

Carmel Fisher explains how how testosterone influences financial decisions, read more ...


How working can extend your life

13 May 2016

how working can extend your life

Working in our retirement years can lead to a more contented, happier life — working longer can also extend our lives ... read more.


When doves (and the tax man) cry

6 May 2016

when doves and the tax man cry

Tax attorneys are buzzing over the valuation of Prince's estate with the value expected to soar in the years ahead. Read more ...


Celebrity stocks

29 April 2016

celebrity stocks

Should investors hold off at the moment from investing in Tesla, a celebrity stock even though orders are flocking in for the new Model 3. Read more ...


Clothes actually do make the man — and the woman

22 April 2016

clothes make the man and woman

Clothes make the man and the woman — Fisher Funds
Description = What effect does clothing have on your performance and people's attitude? Read what some research says and what Carmel Fisher thinks about work attire and casual Fridays ...


Investor know thyself

15 April 2016

investor know thyself

Should you pay off the mortgage or build an investment portfolio? The decision is a lot about knowing what sort of investor you are says Carmel Fisher ...


The new philanthropy

8 April 2016

the new philanthropy

Carmel Fisher chats about philanthropy, how it’s changing, its effect on our ageing population and how it's becoming a growth industry, Read on ...


Is stock picking worth it?

1 April 2016

is stock picking worth it

Is stock picking worth it? See what Carmel Fisher thinks, it might not be quite what you expected.


The power of the amateur

24 March 2016

the power of the amateur

Are you a welfare case worker, Pilates instructor or underwater hockey coach and careful, curious, open-minded and persistent? Carmel Fisher shares how you could be a superforecaster. Read on ...


Happy Birthday to an unloved Bull

18 March 2016

happy birthday to an unloved bull

The current bull is not only one of the longest bull markets ever it has also been one of the most unloved. Read more about our current bull and its life expectancy from Carmel Fisher.


How to avoid being conned

11 March 2016

how to avoid being conned

As humans we are emotional and programmed to trust but when emotions kick in our logic can fail us. Carmel Fisher chats about financial fraud and being conned. Read on ...


In what do we trust

4 March 2016

trust only

The Oscar contending movie The Big Short and the upcoming US elections have sparked Carmel Fisher's latest article about what makes us choose where to place our trust. Read on ...


Converting passions into work kills the passion

26 February 2016

career imaginings

With a daughter just off to University Carmel Fisher talks about some of the challenges in deciding a career path and whether the job will meet expectations, Read on ...


Living long time

19 February 2016

living long time

Life expectancy keeps increasing with each day we’re alive, Carmel Fisher talks about how this affects what you do with your money in retirement — read on ...


First world problems, wealth and happiness

12 February 2016

first world problems

Carmel Fisher discusses some first world challenges facing the super rich and how they illustrate that happiness doesn’t actually increase with your bank balance. Read on...


The willpower to withstand

5 February 2016

willpower to withstand

The recent rollercoaster ride of investment markets has required willpower — Carmel Fisher says don’t panic, resist temptation and you’ll reap the rewards of investing. Read on ...


Living on autopilot

29 January 2016

living on autopilot

Carmel Fisher discusses how living on autopilot and relying on technology may make life easy but it can be financially dangerous. Read more ...


Economic pessimism misplaced

22 January 2016

economic pessimism misplaced

Is the economy really in decline? Carmel Fisher suggests not, due to official statistics not reflecting today's productivity improvements. Read on ..


The value of celebrity endorsements

15 January 2016

value of celebrity endorsements

What do Taylor Swift, LeBron James and Jayne West have in common - celebrity endorsement. So maybe fame and fortune do go together. Read what Carmel Fisher thinks.


A New, New Year's resolution

8 January 2016

achieve new years resolutions

Want to achieve your New Years resolution? Read Frank Jasper's ideas on how incentivising desireable behaviour with a Behaviour Contract might help ...


Utopia or robot car hell?

31 December 2015

utopia or robot car hell

Fisher Funds Frank Jasper looks into the future with Barclays Bank and the effect an electric robot in the household could have on us, taxi drivers and car manufacturers.


Being grateful

24 December 2015

being grateful

As the year comes to a close Carmel Fisher shares seven things she's thankful for whilst discussing the feeling of gratitude. Read on ...


How important is a share price?

18 December 2015

how important is a share price

Read Carmel Fisher’s opinion on CEOs watching their company’s share price regularly and the factors that cause a share price to rise and fall. Find out more ...


DIY House Selling or Real Estate Agency

11 December 2015

diy house selling

With the growth of online property websites, is DIY property selling now more attractive than using a real estate agency? Find out what Fisher Funds think.


Is criticism of Zuckerberg philanthropy justified?

8 December 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

Since announcing their intention to donate 99% of their Facebook shares to a new charitable foundation, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife have come under attack with critics questioning the motives behind his choice of structure. Carmel Fisher challenges these criticisms.


Show me the money

4 December 2015

show me the money

It pays for employers to be transparent about salaries, it’s good for business and job satisfaction. Read more from Carmel Fisher.


Top Christmas toys not just child’s play

1 December 2015

Mark Brighouse

It can be hard to predict, but from Star Wars to Lego, even the most innocent of toys can sky-rocket in value. We share our research on this year's "must have" toys and the companies producing them.


The value of happiness

27 November 2015

value of happiness

Carmel Fisher suggests you can’t really value happiness as it’s complex and not enough is known about the emotion to put a quantitative value on it. Read more ...


How financially literate are you?

24 November 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

A recent survey showed that 2/3 of people around the world couldn't correctly answer a short test on basic financial concepts. Carmel Fisher reviews the concepts and how little us Kiwis fared.


Patient and private investing

20 November 2015

private equity investments

Strong returns from public equity investing over recent years has some suggesting private equity's best days are behind us. Fisher Funds looks at what its future may hold.


Travellers — the ultimate winner of changing accommodation industry dynamics

17 November 2015

Frank Jasper

Digital disruption is changing the face of the accommodation industry forcing traditional players to evolve their business models as the likes of Air BnB make their presence felt. Regardless of the channel, Frank Jasper believes establishing a trusted brand and your customer proposition will differentiate the winners from the losers.


Watch our 2015 investment roadshow highlights

16 November 2015


A big THANK YOU to our clients for stepping into the Dragon's Den and assessing some of our recent investment "pitches". It was great to see so many faces and we really value the opportunity to chat directly with you.

For those of you who weren't able to make it along, we have prepared a series of videos that share our thoughts and insight on the questions we were commonly asked about by our clients.


Oprah's Weight Watching

13 November 2015

oprahs weight watching

Oprah Winfrey's stake in Weight Watchers may prove a sound investment but will it reverse the company's fortunes? Read Carmel Fisher's view ...


Winners and losers from changing media consumption

10 November 2015

Manuel Greenland

As people change how they consume media, the traditional media model is under threat. As always there are winners and losers. Manuel Greenland looks at the drivers of change and why out of home advertising is enjoying a surge in popularity.


Failure to read small print can cost $1000 a year

6 November 2015

reading the fine print

Reading the fine print is really important as it can easily contain gotchas that you should be aware of. Carmel Fisher explains why — Read more ...


Is China's two child policy a boon for investors?

3 November 2015

Mark Brighouse

China has announced it is removing its one child policy to address a declining population. Mark Brighouse considers the implications for investors.


Best mates make the best workers

30 October 2015

best mates make the best workers

Carmel Fisher discusses how friendships at work are one of the strongest predictors or productivity. Read more ...


The rise and rise of peer-to-peer lending

27 October 2015

Murray Brown

Peer-to-peer lending is increasing in popularity worldwide. Murray Brown looks at where the industry is heading and what borrowers and lenders need to consider.


Beauty is a powerful force

23 October 2015

trends and power of beauty industry

Carmel Fisher discusses some trends and the power of the global beauty industry, which seems destined for a golden future.


Infrastructure spending set to bolster global growth

20 October 2015

Zoie Regan

Spending on infrastructure looks set to increase as governments seek to stimulate growth and improve productivity. Funding lines look plentiful but policy risk remains a key challenge to overcome. Zoie Regan talks about the infrastructure investment landscape.


How the brain tricks us out of turbo-charged interest

16 October 2015

compound interest eighth wonder of the world

Carmel Fisher discusses the inspiration for investors of the magic of the eighth wonder of the world, compound interest. Read more ...


Global corporate tax avoidance crackdown on the way

13 October 2015


Public backlash in recent years over large multinationals like Apple and Amazon not paying their fair share of corporate tax is behind moves at the recent G20 meeting to clamp down on this behaviour. Roger Garrett outlines the likely impact of the changes.


Profitability vs humanity

9 October 2015

pharmaceutical companies

Carmel Fisher discusses pharmaceutical companies price raising tactics for drugs and the argument of humanity versus profitability. Read more...


Profitability versus humanity — the price of health

6 October 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

Pharmaceutical companies and the discussion about the price of drugs; where do you stand on this? Read more ...


Rebuilding trust huge task for Volkswagen

2 October 2015

rebuilding trust huge task for volkswagen

The Volkswagen emissions scandal is more than a public relations disaster. The breach of trust has severely damaged the brand. Fisher Funds considers how VW might deal with the crisis to avoid permanent brand damage.


Short-term pain in Aussie for long-term gain?

29 September 2015

Manuel Greenland

The Australian share market continues to have its challenges in the face of weak commodity prices and slowing Chinese growth. An increasingly short-term focus by investors is providing buying opportunities and Manuel Greenland talks about how this is playing out.


Civilised politics and market confidence

25 September 2015

civilised politics

Carmel Fisher comments on the less civilised style of Australian and US politics and how leadership instability affects market confidence.


Australian housing market showing signs of cooling off. Are there lessons for NZ?

22 September 2015

Frank Jasper

A new report from the Reserve Bank of Australia identifies population growth and housing construction activity as the key drivers of recent housing price growth as opposed to low interest rates. Frank Jasper considers the parallels to New Zealand's housing market and whether we should be concerned about a cooling off of prices.


Keeping your investment powder dry

18 September 2015

keeping your investment powder dry

Carmel Fisher explains how an old Cromwellian saying — keep your powder dry — can be applied today in an investment context and how it can be used for both protection and opportunity. Read more ...


To hike or not to hike; that is the question

15 September 2015

David McLeish

All eyes are on the US Federal Reserve this week as they meet to debate raising the overnight cash rate. David McLeish backgrounds the issue and shares his opinion on what the US Fed is likely to do.


Top service keeps retailers alive

11 September 2015

long live retail

Carmel Fisher discusses the dying retail sector and how outstanding service will help it survive. Read more...


Is it time to take a bite of Apple?

8 September 2015

Frank Jasper

Shares in Apple have fallen by about 19% over recent months. As their annual product launch is about to take place, Frank Jasper reflects on whether Apple presents a good investment right now.


Retirement an encore, not an ending

4 September 2015

retiring purposefully

Carmel Fisher discusses how retirement has changed over the years and continues to change, and how maybe the new retirement is making the most of leisure time, but taking the opportunity to tap the nicer person within and retire with a purpose.


Low oil prices mean Keep On Truckin'

2 September 2015

Frank Jasper

Volatility in oil prices is at an historic high this year with new dynamics in production increasing supply and a slower economic climate decreasing demand. Frank Jasper explains the unusual twists involved in this tale and what it means for Kiwis filling up their car.


Why family businesses don't survive

28 August 2015

why family businesses dont survive

Carmel Fisher discusses how succession planning and the nature of families challenge small businesses — read more ...


Is recent market volatility cause for concern or not?

25 August 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

Markets have been on a volatile ride over the last week and sharp falls in global share markets have been seen. Carmel Fisher shares her perspective on the drivers of volatility and whether investors should be spooked by the market's mood.


The smartest guy in the room — understanding investment jargon

21 August 2015

understanding investment jargon

Carmel Fisher discusses jargon and how it can mislead and influence. She warns investors to beware and find out what the terminology means before making investment decisions. Read more ...


Is Google now an alpha bet?

18 August 2015


Google recently announced it is changing it's name to Alphabet and splitting their business into two parts — the core internet search engine we know and use called Google and a separate unit to house its visionary ideas. Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett discusses the motivations for the change and delves into some of their visionary ventures.


Experts are not always expert — investors beware

14 August 2015

expert opinions investors beware

Carmel Fisher, Fisher Funds discusses the need to be wary of expert opinion, encouraging investors to be sceptical, challenge the pedigree of information presented before making investment decisions.


Growing wealth by growing up

7 August 2015

growing wealth by growing up

Carmel Fisher discusses the trend of delayed adulthood and how this will impact the ability of today's young to grow wealth.


Are recent interest rate cuts actually a silver lining?

4 August 2015

David McLeish

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has cut interest rates twice in the last two months in an attempt to keep our economy in good shape. Unlike other major economies such as the US we actually have the ability to do this. Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish discusses how important this flexibility is in light of the current environment.


The fading appeal of gold

31 July 2015

the fading appeal of gold

Carmel Fisher challenges the notion that gold is an all-weather investment that performs best in times of uncertainty.


Credit growth a positive for Aussie economy

28 July 2015

Manuel Greenland

The latest quarterly business credit demand index for Australia paints a positive picture of the Aussie economy. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland digs below the headline numbers and analyses the most important key trends and insights.


Playing the currency game

24 July 2015

currency wars

A global currency war has been waged in recent years, creating even more uncertainty in an already uncertain market. Carmel Fisher considers how best to play the currency game.


The second coming of the dot com bubble?

21 July 2015

Frank Jasper launched in the US this week promising to offer customers better prices on millions of items than the mighty Frank Jasper evaluates the business model and asks whether we're seeing the same type of hype that we saw at the height of the dot com bubble in the late 1990's.


Taking a stand against financial abuse

17 July 2015

financial abuse

Financial abuse is a global epidemic, particularly among the elderly, and the numbers involved are horrifying. Carmel Fisher discusses how we can all do our bit to look after family, friends and neighbours.


Global Volatility: Rising in the East and Setting in the West

15 July 2015


With the Chinese market in free fall and Greece finally accepting Europe's bailout deal, one problem becomes averted for another. Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett explores whether the global situation has been contained and what we may expect to see as a result.


Power struggles in the workplace

10 July 2015

workplace discrimination

Carmel Fisher sidelines traditional beliefs about gender inequality in the workplace to explore the ‘Queen Bee Syndrome’ — the propensity for some professional women to undermine the careers of their fellow gender.


Disruptive technologies not always the end of an industry?

7 July 2015

Mark Brighouse

Disruptive technology has had a major impact on many well established industries especially film and photography. However, Fujifilm is enjoying a significant resurgence in the sale of instant film. Mark Brighouse discusses how the trend of consumers wanting it now and high barriers to entry are combining to challenge accepted thinking.


Ready Aim Flop

3 July 2015

ready aim flop

Junior markets are meant to make listing cheap and easy for small companies. Carmel Fisher highlights the failure of London's Aim and NZ's NZAX market to match their big brothers' performance.


Ordinary beats extraordinary

26 June 2015

ordinary beats extraordinary 1

Warren Buffett once said “it’s not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results”. Carmel Fisher discusses how discipline, time and consistency can help ordinary investors become extraordinary.


Can short term hiccups present long term investment opportunity?

23 June 2015

Frank Jasper

A short term stumble by a company often affords investors the opportunity to buy high quality assets at sale prices. Frank Jasper talks with Larry Williams about how to assess whether the hiccup is an opportunity or a threat.


Money and Marriage

19 June 2015

money and marriage

Money is a particularly emotional issue and has proven a minefield for countless couples over the years. Carmel Fisher shares her secrets to a strong relationship with money and her husband; talking openly about finances and understanding each others spending habits.


Bursons acquisition of Metcash good for investors

16 June 2015

Manuel Greenland

Australian portfolio holding Bursons Autoparts announced yesterday it's acquiring Metcash Automotive Holdings. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland analyses the drivers of the deal and why it's a good move for shareholders.


The key to fashion retailing success

12 June 2015

fashion retail investing

It was Peter Lynch who once said; "Know what you own, and know why you own it." It was with this philosophy Carmel Fisher invested in Pumpkin Patch in 2004 - but having lost money and a fair bit of confidence, we sold our shareholding 4 years later. Has Zara, now the world's largest fashion retailer, discovered the key to success in fashion retailing? We share our thoughts.


The successes and failures of fashion retailers

9 June 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

Managing Director Carmel Fisher talks with Larry Williams about recent fashion retail news; David Jones buying Kirkcaldies, Pumpkin Patch's downward slide and the founder of Zara becoming the second-richest person in the world.


Investment success - skill vs luck

5 June 2015

investment success skill luck

As an investment professional, Carmel Fisher finds it hard to admit that luck plays as significant a role as skill in investment success. Investment success isn’t just about doing “right” things and having the “right” portfolio - success can also be due to a beneficial environment.


The NXT step for New Zealand's capital markets

2 June 2015

Murray Brown

Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown talks with Rachel Smalley about NZX's new initiative - the NXT market. Murray details why NXT has come about and why it may appeal to companies and investors alike.


Does market manipulation come with the territory?

29 May 2015

market manipulation

Last week four of the world's largest banks were fined US$5 billion for currency collusion and manipulation. Some forms of manipulation can be obvious, others less so. How worried should investors be about market manipulation and is there anything we can do about it? Carmel Fisher shares her thoughts.


Sell in May and go away?

27 May 2015


Is the saying "Sell in May and go away" just a myth - or is there some substance behind it? Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett discusses with Rachel Smalley where the saying comes from and warns investors about supporting this strategy.


Is bottled water the ultimate marketing scam?

22 May 2015

ultimate marketing scam

Bottled water is now the world's best selling drink, but is it the ultimate marketing scam? Carmel Fisher discusses why we're drinking more bottled water and whether it's actually a good thing.


The GDP conspiracy

19 May 2015

Mark Brighouse

The U.S. Commerce Department is making a change to how GDP is calculated, and due to the pivotal role GDP has played in history, it's no surprise that politicians are so interested in it. Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse chats with Larry Williams about what the problem is with GDP measurements and whether or not we should take any notice of them.


Money talk healthy for kids

15 May 2015

kids and money

The earlier parents discuss money with their kids the more likely they will have a healthy relationship and attitude towards money. Carmel Fisher shares some tips from a recent book by Rob Lieber about raising unspoiled kids.


Aussie banking sector not immune from the mood of the market

12 May 2015

Manuel Greenland

Although the Aussie banks are profitable, their recent results didn't impress investors. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland discusses with Larry Williams the reasons behind these results and whether or not it's an issue for investors going forward.


Taking a leap of faith for Xero profit

8 May 2015

technology investments

Following recent comments by Xero chief executive Rod Drury, Carmel Fisher shares our thoughts on investing in technology companies. It was Warren Buffet who once said - "value is destroyed, not created, by any business that loses money over its lifetime".


The media obsession with property

5 May 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

During Carmel Fishers recent trip to Sydney, a couple of property articles in the newspaper caught her eye. Carmel shares her thoughts with Larry Williams about New Zealand's property market being compared to a Ponzi scheme, the risks an Australian property bubble might have on the broader economy, and recent record sales of trophy houses being sold for more than $100 million overseas.


Is it time to re-think your relationship with cash?

1 May 2015

cash investments

While individual investors often think cash is king, few investment professionals agree. But cash has some good qualities when used appropriately. As with anything, moderation seems to be the key.


The true cost of low interest rates

28 April 2015

Frank Jasper

Since the global financial crisis low interest rates have cost savers huge amounts of money and deepened economic inequality. Frank Jasper discusses how savers have reacted and what other options they may have.


Millenials investment attitudes at odds with baby boomers

24 April 2015

investment attitudes

Attitudes towards savings and investments have changed over the generations. Fisher Funds discusses what has influenced these changes and what it may mean for markets in the future.


Sir Ron Brierly moves on and Aussie firm looks to replicate Fonterra

21 April 2015

Murray Brown

Murray Brown talks with Larry Williams about Sir Ron Brierley's recent resignation from the Coats/GPG Board and where investors can follow him next. Murray also discusses Australia's largest milk producer, Murray Goulburn, looking to list non-voting shares in Australia and whether it's likely to trail in Fonterra's footsteps.


Sweet success offers business lessons for all

17 April 2015

business lessons

Italy's chocolate king Michele Ferrero, who invented Nutella, Kinder Surprise and Ferrero Rocher, died in February leaving behind a large fortune and a story that will hopefully form the basis of business text books in the future. Fisher Funds shares his simple and timeless recipe for sweet success.


Bad news is good news for China's share market

14 April 2015

Frank Jasper

China's growth is slowing but the share market is surging. Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper shares with Larry Williams what led to China's recent market rally, how it is beginning to affect to New Zealand, and what investors need to be cautious of in such an environment.


Australia looks again at discontinuing imputation credits

7 April 2015

Mark Brighouse

Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse discusses with Larry Williams the pros and cons of New Zealand's and Australia's current franking credit system and the implications on investors if either country decides to scrap it.


The pension vs property debate

7 April 2015

pension vs property

It has been suggested both in the UK and Australia that young people should be able to dip into their retirement savings to buy a first home. We discuss the positive and negative implications on savers if such a change is made to their superannuation system.


Are company directors overpaid?

2 April 2015

company directors pay

Company directors have a very important role to play, requiring that they not only understand but care about the business they are helping to govern. This will go a long way to their remuneration being less open to question.


Bank levies - coming to a location near you soon!

31 March 2015

David McLeish

Bank levies will soon be implemented in Australia to fund the setup of depositor insurance, with New Zealand likely to follow suit. Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish discusses with Mike Yardley the implications of such a scheme on savers, as unfortunately it's mum and dad investors that could be left footing the bill.


Ever fallen in love with an investment?

27 March 2015

investment relationships

Falling in love with an investment can be dangerous, emotions can cloud judgement, which then leads to bad decisions. We discuss how to mentally detach from your investment in case you need to pull the pin.


Company share buybacks gaining momentum

24 March 2015


In the US alone during the last year, companies have bought back over US$550 billion worth of their own shares. Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett discusses with Larry Williams possible reasons for this as well as potential implications.


Lessons we can learn from Aussie Super's mistakes

17 March 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

Managing Director Carmel Fisher recently attended a conference in Sydney about Australia's superannuation scheme. Carmel shares an overview of the discussions and what lessons NZ can hopefully learn from Australia's mistakes.


Investing: art or science?

13 March 2015

investing art or science

Personal opinion can sometimes cloud investment decision making. Fisher Funds discusses how collaboration is important to reaching sound, well thought out investment decisions.


Australian reporting season - the devil is in the detail

10 March 2015

Manuel Greenland

Australian company reporting has just concluded and while overall results were generally positive, further growth in profitability is contingent on growing sales rather than cutting costs which has been the strategy recently. Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland talks with Larry Williams about the trends emerging from reporting and how we are investing in this environment.


Are investment fees ever worth it?

6 March 2015

No two advisers or fund managers are the same. Fisher Funds suggests ways to help you decide whether or not you're getting value for money for the investment services you are employing.


The active versus passive investing debate

4 March 2015

active vs passive investing

Countless studies have tried to determine whether active or passive investing is the better method. Fisher Funds discusses the positives and negatives of both.


The NASDAQ and FTSE recover to levels last reached in 2000

3 March 2015

Mark Brighouse

The American NASDAQ and UK FTSE indexes have finally recovered to levels reached 15 years ago. Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse shares with Larry Williams why the market is different now from back then and how some markets are still to regain their lost ground.


Your emotional portfolio - the best guide to retirement

27 February 2015

guide to retirement

Fisher Funds shares how positively visualising your retirement can help you better prepare for the retirement lifestyle you want.


Borrowing to invest is twice as risky

25 February 2015

reading economic forecasts ff2

Despite recent headlines, borrowing to buy shares doesn't make sense for all investors. Fisher Funds discusses why.


Changing media habits challenging SKY TV and investors

24 February 2015

Frank Jasper

Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper chats with Larry Williams about how the changing way people consuming media is starting to impact companies like Sky TV. Frank discusses the options SKY TV has to defend itself and how investors can position themselves in the changing media environment.


How to read economic forecasts correctly

20 February 2015

reading economic forecasts

Economic forecasts are useful but are an imperfect science. Fisher Funds looks at why economic forecasts can vary so much and how we should critique them.


A new Greek euro-crisis ... but it will all work out

18 February 2015

greek debt crisis

Greece's economic plight is in the spotlight again as it seeks to refinance its debt. Fisher Funds discusses implications for the Euro zone and markets.


The devil is in the detail. More to economic data releases than the headline...

17 February 2015

Carmel Fisher Managing Director

There’s more to a story than just the headline and the raft of economic data releases we’ve had this year are testament to that. Carmel Fisher shares some examples of recent economic data where the key analysis from business journalists and commentators blatantly ignore the really important messages that we should be reading.


Kicking the tyres - first hand investment research

13 February 2015

investment research

There's no better way to conduct fundamental investment analysis than visiting companies and their competitors. Fisher Funds discusses the merits of this hands on approach.


Crowdfunding evolving fast, but it's not for everyone

11 February 2015

crowd funding

Crowdfunding is the latest craze for raising money so as always you should do your due diligence before investing. Fisher Funds looks at the evolution & pitfalls of crowdfunding.


Crowdfunding giving young companies a leg up

10 February 2015

Crowdfunding has become the latest craze for raising money not only in New Zealand but around the world. While there is significant upside for companies in being able to obtain financing that may otherwise not be possible, there are many downsides for potential investors. Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown examines these downsides and what investors need to consider.


Money talk - making sense of financial jargon

6 February 2015

financial jargon

Financial jargon can alienate many people. Fisher Funds looks at some common phrases that have the potential to be misinterpreted or are counterintuitive.


Reasons to be optimistic about markets in 2015

4 February 2015

There are plenty of reasons that 2015 could turn out better than expected. Fisher Funds looks at the reasons to be optimistic.


The wondrous world of a mortgage where the bank pays you

3 February 2015

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager, David McLeish, discusses what led to the introduction of negative mortgage rates in Denmark and what it is hoping they will achieve.


Trust - a rare commodity

30 January 2015

trust a rare commodity

Trust, like respect, has to be earned. Fisher Funds discusses how their investment process encompasses this important assessment of company management.


When falling prices are bad...

28 January 2015

inflation deflation

Inflation and deflation can both lead to the same outcome: people stop buying. Fisher Funds discusses how thinking about these concepts has evolved over time.


How to face an uncertain retirement

23 January 2015

facing an uncertain retirement

Fisher Funds discusses the shift in focus from accumulating wealth for retirement to decumulation - how to manage your lifestyle and finances to meet your retirement needs.


What does 2015 hold for the US share market? Take your pick

21 January 2015

us shares 2015 forecasts

Analyst's forecasts for the US share market in 2015 vary significantly. Fisher Funds shares some of these predictions for you to consider.


Risk: the ugly twin sister of reward

16 January 2015

risk reward

All investments carry some risk. Fisher Funds discusses how you can manage risk to ensure you achieve your financial objectives.


Ignore market predictions

14 January 2015

market predictions

Media is awash with market predictions at this time of year. Fisher Funds discusses the folly of these and what really matters when reviewing your finances.


Investor education: where universities get it wrong

9 January 2015

investing concepts

Risk and return, diversification and price compared to value are fundamental investing concepts. Fisher Funds argues every investor needs to understand these.


How to win the unwinnable

7 January 2015

investor behaviour

Markets can be inefficient and investors can be irrational. Fisher Funds looks at implications for long-term investor returns.


Do's and Don'ts of dividend investing

2 January 2015

introduction to dividends

Dividend stocks are attractive right now but investors should focus on the sustainability of that long-term income. Fisher Funds discusses what investors need to consider.


Don't fall into the dividend trap

31 December 2014

company dividend analysis

Just because a company pays a high dividend doesn't make it a no brainer investment. Fisher Funds discusses what to watch when considering dividends.


Socially responsible investing: doing well by doing good

26 December 2014

socially responsible investing

Socially responsible investing is gaining in popularity but presents challenges for investors & fund managers. Fisher Funds discusses these challenges.


Like the store? Buy the stock

24 December 2014

retail investment sector

What makes a great investment in the retail sector? Fisher Funds shares some of the key secrets to success.


Investment truths: Don't follow the crowd and don't panic

19 December 2014

investment truths dont follow the crowd

There is a saying that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Fortunately, there are plenty of time-tested lessons every investor can employ to avoid the mistakes of others.


Advice on choosing financial advisers

17 December 2014

advice on choosing financial advisers

The thought of asking for advice leaves some of us cold, particularly when it's about our hard-earned money. Ideally, our perfect financial adviser might not provide advice at all but simply be someone to listen, sense-check our ideas or hold our hand in uncertain times.


Divergence the name of the game

16 December 2014

Divergence the name of the game. Mark Brighouse talks to Larry Williams about markets in 2015


Dream run over for Aussie banks?

9 December 2014

Is the Dream run over for Aussie banks? Carmel Fisher chats with Larry Williams.


Investment myths exposed, common sense prevails

2 December 2014

What investment myths we should be cautious about today? Frank Jasper talks to Larry Williams about the case for common sense


Fisher Funds wins again at FundSource Awards

26 November 2014

Fisher Funds was named FundSource Fund Manager of the Year in both the New Zealand Equities and International Fixed Interest sector categories at last week’s FundSource Awards.


Falling oil price good news for motorists

25 November 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett talks to Larry Williams about the falling oil price. The dynamics of the industry are changing - is it a case of too much oil or not enough demand or both?


Medibank IPO proving popular

18 November 2014

Why is the Medibank IPO so popular? Manuel Greenland chats to Larry Williams.


Does money buy happiness?

11 November 2014

Does money buy happiness? Mark Brighouse discusses the latest research with Larry Williams.


A quick overview of the Medibank IPO

4 November 2014

Medibank IPO takes centre stage in Australia. Carmel Fisher chats with Tim Dow.


Volatility returns to global share markets

21 October 2014

What’s behind recent share market volatility? Frank Jasper chats with Susan Wood about the drivers of market nervousness.


What is the bigger risk for KiwiSaver investors?

14 October 2014

Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper talks with Larry Williams about the less talked about risks facing KiwiSaver investors and he also touches on some of the misconceptions around KiwiSaver.


Fairy tale debut for Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba

7 October 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett discusses what made Alibaba the largest IPO in history.


The departure of the bond King

30 September 2014

Fisher Funds Managing Director Carmel Fisher reflects on the shock departure of Bill Gross from leading US fund manager PIMCO. Carmel shares her thoughts on whether the market reaction is justified and what his means for the fortunes of PIMCO and Gross’ new firm, Janus.


Are hedge funds losing their shine?

23 September 2014

Hedge Funds were once flavour of the month but investor sentiment towards these types of investment strategies is waning. Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse looks at whether this trend is gathering pace and what lessons investors can take from this.


Global expectations pared back

16 September 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish talks to Larry Williams about the latest OECD report that downgraded the global growth outlook. David discusses the drivers of the downgrade, whether they are short-term rather than permanent and what the prospects for growth recovering is.


No sign of bear market just yet

9 September 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett looks at the factors keeping global share markets strong despite an inconsistent economic growth picture.


New Zealand company reporting season wrap up

2 September 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown talks with Larry Williams about the three key themes that emerged in New Zealand company reporting season: increasing dividends, more earnings upgrades than downgrades and a mixed bag of results from Australian operations.


S&P 500 hits record level but where do investors need to focus their attention now?

26 August 2014

Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper chats with Larry Williams in the wake of the S&P 500 hitting a new record level of 2000. While the milestone is significant the focus of investors really needs to be on “where to from here?”. Frank shares some thoughts from JP Morgan about the increasing need to be more selective and active in managing your investments. An appropriately diversified portfolio is more important than ever in today’s environment.


Australian company reporting season underway in a positive vein

19 August 2014

Australian company reporting season has started positively. Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland summarises the backdrop to earnings season and also highlights a couple of results that have seen investors judgement be guided by ambiguity rather than investing fundamentals.


Lessons on investor behaviour and valuations

12 August 2014

Fisher Funds Managing Director Carmel Fisher shares some key learnings on investor behaviour and valuations from two recent thoughts pieces from the Australian Future Fund and Jason Trennert.


Is recent volatility a sign of things to come?

5 August 2014

Global share markets experienced their first real bout of volatility in a couple of years last week. Fisher funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse puts the week into perspective commenting on recent improving economic news and what investors may be nervous about.


Reserve Bank of NZ puts the brakes on future interest rate hikes for now

29 July 2014

Where to for NZ interest rates and the Kiwi dollar now that the Reserve Bank has signaled a pause? Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish shares his thoughts with Larry Williams.


Wot happened to Wotif?

22 July 2014

Following the recent acquisition of Wotif by Expedia, Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland discusses with Larry Williams what prompted the sale and purchase, as well as whether or not other Australian companies might fear the same fate.


The murky world of IPOs

15 July 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown delves into the process for setting the price for the sale of shares in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) on the New Zealand share market. This has received media attention of late given the failure of the recent Hirepool IPO process and questions being raised about whether smaller investors are being fairly treated in IPOs.


Are all asset classes expensive?

8 July 2014

Fisher Funds Director Frank Jasper talks with Greg Boyd about the frothiness in the prices of all asset classes right now around the world and how this influencing investor behaviour.


Pickup in IPO activity a worldwide trend

1 July 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst, Ashley Gardyne, talks with Rachel Smalley about the rising number of IPOs coming to the market. What does it say about the confidence in the market? Is there a chance investors can become complacent? What does the IPO pipeline look like ahead?


Higher interest rates and higher Kiwi dollar set to continue

24 June 2014

Fisher Funds Fixed Income Manager Angela Quirk evaluates the forward path for both interest rates and the kiwi dollar over the next couple of years. What are the forces driving each variable and what are the implications for homeowners and exporters?


Controlling house prices & KiwiSaver Labour style

17 June 2014

Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse delves into housing and KiwiSaver on the back of the IMF’s recent policy recommendation for controlling house prices and today’s announcement by the Labour Party on its KiwiSaver policy.


Dive in Aussie consumer confidence holds message for NZers

10 June 2014

Australian consumer confidence has taken a hit following last month’s federal budget and this is starting to show up in the retail sector. Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse discusses these trends and whether there is a cautionary tale here for New Zealanders to heed.


Implications of rising nationalism for the global economy

3 June 2014

Rising nationalism is evident the world over. Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Roger Garrett talks with Larry Williams about how the impact this can have on the global economy.


NZ listed property sector proving popular

27 May 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst, Zoie Regan, discusses the resurgence in popularity of the NZ listed property sector in recent months. What has been driving performance and what is the lesson all investors can take from this?


IPOs look set to continue on NZX

20 May 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Murray Brown talks with Larry Williams about the pipeline of IPO activity for the New Zealand share market and whether the buoyancy of recent times is set to continue.


Is paper money as good as gold?

13 May 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish compares the different responses of central banks and governments to the 1930s Great Depression and the recent global financial crisis with Larry Williams. David explores the different outcomes that resulted and opines whether creating new money over the past few years helped the global economy from tipping into a depression or has it only succeeded in kicking the can down the road?


The Australian budget looks like hitting taxpayers in the pocket

6 May 2014

A leak across the Tasman has revealed that the upcoming Australian budget is looking to impose a series of “levies” or “taxes”. This announcement has been met with disdain by businesses and voters. Fisher Funds Director, Frank Jasper, looks at what has driven the proposal and what the impact on the Australian economy is likely to be.


Dissecting Labour's monetary policy announcement

29 April 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst, Matt Logan, chats to Larry Williams about the Labour Party’s monetary policy announcement. Matt reflects on the impact for the RBNZ, mortgage holders and retirement.


Is quality relevant for both growth and value oriented investors?

22 April 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Manuel Greenland discusses the characteristics of a “quality” stock and whether quality is relevant for both growth and value oriented investors.


The case of David Jones - a high price to pay for control

15 April 2014

Fisher Funds Chief Investment Officer Mark Brighouse examines whether Woolworth’s acquisition of David Jones makes sense given the challenging retail environment in Australia and DJs already elevated share price.


Fisher Funds take on the global investing environment

8 April 2014

Fisher Funds Head of Institutional, Andrew Lance, takes a trip around the investment universe sharing our thoughts on the key markets and their current valuations.


Corporate bond issuance back in favour in NZ

1 April 2014

Fisher Funds Fixed Income Manager, Angela Quirk, talks with Larry Williams about the key drivers of the recent raft of corporate bond issues in the NZ debt market. Angela also shares her thoughts on whether investors are getting a good deal and what they should look for when assessing whether to participate in these issues.


Retirement planning assumptions are just that

23 March 2014

Retirement planning assumptions are just that. Read Carmel Fisher's thoughts on the reality of entering retirement.


Should we be worried about rising interest rates in New Zealand?

18 March 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager David McLeish talks with Larry Williams about the recent OCR hike and the implications for borrowers.


Is the sky the limit for Tesla?? A case for investing fundamentals

16 March 2014

In this week’s investing column, Carmel Fisher, examines the meteoric rise in the value of car maker Tesla’s share price. Trading more like a technology company than an auto business, its market capitalisation is now well out of whack with other car makers and valuation fundamentals.


What does Russia’s invasion of Crimea mean for the global economy?

11 March 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager International Equities, Roger Garrett, who has invested in Russia for over 20 years, explains why Russia has occupied the Crimea region of Ukraine and what President Putin is trying to achieve. He also shares his thoughts on the possible fallout from this occupation on the global economy.


New Zealand’s Market Oscars

9 March 2014

New Zealand share and bond markets can do no wrong. In this week’s column, Carmel Fisher looks at two recently published reports that laud our financial markets.


Australian reporting season in a snapshot

4 March 2014

Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst Terry Tolich summarises the key outtakes from Australian reporting season with Larry Williams commenting on the divergent performances by sector and what companies need to deliver in order to met analyst’s expectations looking forward.


Retirement’s new buzzwords

2 March 2014

Retirement can bring mixed emotions for people as they are faced with a major change in their life. In this week’s investing column, Carmel Fisher reviews some new words that might now more accurately reflect the idea of retirement.


Old world versus new world investing. Buffett versus Zuckerburg

25 February 2014

Following the announcement of Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and the upcoming release of Warren Buffett’s annual shareholder letter, Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager Frank Jasper, compares the different investing styles exhibited by Zuckerburg & Buffett, and asks what lessons us mere mortals can draw from these two successful businessmen.


Is the share market crash of 1929 about to repeat itself?

23 February 2014

Is the share market crash of 1929 about to repeat itself? In this week’s investing column, Carmel Fisher outlines the fallacies of patterns and what’s different this time.


How competitive is solar power and what impact is it likely to have on electricity prices?

18 February 2014

In the wake of the Green Party’s solar initiative, Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst, Zoie Regan, talks with Larry Williams about the competitiveness of solar power and its potential impact on electricity prices.


Is weather really a significant economic risk?

16 February 2014

Is weather really a significant economic risk? The World Economic Forum recently listed its sixth economic risk as a “greater incidence of extreme weather events”. In this week’s investing column, Carmel Fisher argues that the world has had extreme weather events for centuries and yet economies have continued to flourish. Maybe it is more convenient for the blame for any economic woes in 2014 to be laid at the feet of the weather gods.


The Pros & Cons of New Zealand companies' dual-listing on the ASX

11 February 2014

Why do some companies New Zealand companies dual-list on the ASX and what are they hoping to achieve? Fisher Funds Senior Portfolio Manager, Murray Brown, examines the pros and cons with Larry Williams in our weekly Newstalk ZB investment commentary.


Voting for prosperity. Another take on this year’s New Zealand election

9 February 2014

Election year can be unsettling for everyone – businesses, politicians and individuals alike. In this week’s column, Carmel Fisher reflects on a recent political speech she was privy to that left her feeling that New Zealand is in a relatively good position and those who win the election will be wise to undo all of the good economic progress.


Interest rates are headed north, but when and how far?

4 February 2014

In the wake of the Reserve Bank’s decision to keep the official cash rate unchanged last week, Fisher Funds Investment Analyst, Matt Logan, reflects on what the market is expecting in terms of rate hikes over the coming year and the likely impact for the property market and mortgages rates as a result.


The value of valuations

2 February 2014

What should we make of the current talk of overvalued markets? In this week's column Carmel Fisher examines the usefulness of the P/E ratio for predicting future market performance.


Testing Warren Buffett’s theory on wonderful companies

28 January 2014

Should you buy a wonderful company at a fair price or a fair company at a wonderful price? In this week’s investment commentary, Fisher Funds Senior Investment Analyst, Terry Tolich, tests a few 'Buffettism’s'.


Best investment ideas of the decade

26 January 2014

What will be the best investment idea over the next ten years? Farmland, the Chinese consumer sector, real assets, water, or yourself? Carmel Fisher summarizes a recent piece from leading Wall St players.


Saddle up for 2014 - the year of the horse

19 January 2014

At this time of year many commentators offer up their predictions for investment markets for the year ahead. Rather than join the scores of hypothesisers, in this week's article Carmel Fisher looks to draw lessons from 2013.


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